Installing the Bow Buddy

The Bow Buddy Rock Guard is not only sturdy, lightweight, compact, and designed to handle the toughest of road conditions, but it is also very easy to install. Simple yet effective design makes for a straightforward installation process.

The “BOW BUDDY”, rock guard uses a quick bolt on system. Only 4 bolts are used to mount the extension tube holder to your trailer. No drilling is required. The extension tube slides in and is locked into place using the stainless steel pin provided.

The tube frame holding the screen is made of stainless steel to ensure strength. This screen unit is designed in two sections. Each half of the screen unit slides into the tubes of the upper and lower stainless steel mounting brackets and is then locked into place with button locks.

The shield is easy to remove and store too. To remove for storage, or for access to the winch, simply press the button locks down and gently remove the screens from the mounting tubes. Then stow away safely. Once mounted there is no need to remove the bottom bracket from your trailer.

Mounting Instructions

1 – 26” Extension tube or 34” max extension tube
1 Extension tube mounting base (various size)
1 Stainless steel mounting bracket (same size as base)
“T” bracket (mounted on extension tube with 1 ¾” bolts with Nylock washers
4 Full threaded bolts with lock washers and nuts (available in 6” or 8”)
2 – 36” bungee cords with hooks
2 – Screens (left & right sides)

For a video on how to install your Bow Buddy, please visit our YouTube Channel:

Step one: Using the 6” or 8” threaded bolts, bolt the extension tube base onto top of the trailer tongue and the stainless steel bracket under the tongue. Depending on your trailer the 6” bolt should suffice.

**You will need to use a ½” socket or wrench to fasten the bolts to the trailer. The bracket can be mounted as close to the hitch as possible. You may have to re-position your trailer jack back from the unit.

Step 2: The top of the “T” bracket may also have to be adjusted to fit your trailer on the extension tube as they have been preset to accommodate a 4” trailer hitches at factory.

Step 3: Slide extension tube into base and lock into place with the quick release pin lanyard attached to the base.

Step 4: Beginning with either left or right screen, carefully slide the top bar into the “T” bracket until the pin locks into place. Allow the bottom part of the screen to drop down, then slide the bottom bar into the lower SS mounting bracket until the pin locks into place. Repeat with other side.

** Left side screen has the Canvas Man label. Right side has no label. Bow Buddies are designed to be snug and often are a tight fit.

Step 5: Attach bungee cord to jaw slide of each corner of the elbow of the screen. Pull and wrap around secure section of your trailer and attach to self.

  • If the screens do not come together, lower the “T” bracket on the extension tube.
  • Do not over tighten bolts, this may cause the bolts to break.

To remove for storage, or winch access, simply press down the pins and gently remove the screens from the mounting tube, starting with the bottom tubes first and stow away for safety.

Screen Details

The “Bow Buddy” rock guard screen is a durable non-tearing 100% polyester mesh fabric with a PVC coating. This durable mesh material has been designed to withstand the roughest gravel roads. Test outcomes for cold crack concerns during extreme winter conditions were near perfect. Choose from a variety of available colors.

What you need to know when ordering stock

The mounting kit is designed to fit tight against the trailer tongue. Be careful to follow all the steps as noted in the Instruction sheets, incorrect install will void manufacturing warranties.

How much room do you need on the tongue to mount a Buddy?

In short, the answer is approximately 2”. As long as there is a 2” space for the mounting kit somewhere between the winch and the hitch free of wires, jacks, brakes, etc. a Bow Buddy should fit just fine.

All Bow Buddies come standard with 6” 5/16 fully threaded bolts. If the trailer tongue is deeper than 5” then 8” 5/16 fully threaded bolts are available. If the 8” bolts are need this must be specified when ordering. If it is not specified, you will receive 6” bolts with your Buddies.

The Bow Buddy is manufactured in British Columbia, Canada and is sold to international markets. CONTACT US by phone or email. All information given is kept confidential.

Dealer inquiries to market this hot new item are welcome.


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